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Kids Skating Parties


Kids Skate Parties from just £10.00 per person includes...


We have a Birthday table set in Ice Cafe, so please feel free to bring your own cake and goodie bags!

Please Note...

  1. There is a maximum of 12 children per group and a minimum of 6. Please note the Ice Centre does not have the facility to supervise the group whilst they are skating.
  2. Parties will take place during the Public Session.
  3. Please see the Skating Timetable for details of forthcoming sessions in order to check that there is a session available on the date you wish to hold your party.
  4. We recommend that the children wear warm clothing along with a spare pair of socks and a set of gloves.
  5. We do NOT recommend that anyone wishing to skate wears a hat or scarf.


For more information and to book your party please contact:

Skating Diary

Check for ice availability here.

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Curling Diary

Check for ice availability here.

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