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curling-stonesCurling is thought to have been invented in the 16th century, evidence of its existence was when a pond was drained at the town of Dunblane in central Scotland and it revealed curling stones, one inscribed with the date of 1511.

A tactical sport where players slide across a sheet of ice towards a target sharing similarities to the other sports of boules, bowls and shuffleboard.

There are two teams each of four players who take it in turns to slide polished granite stones also known as 'rocks' across the ice towards the 'house' a circular target made on the ice.

Each team has eight stones and the aim of the game is to score points by resting their stones as close to the centre of the house. After all eight stones have been played, points are tallied at the end of each 'end' and teams would play between eight - ten ends to determine the winner of the game. The team with the most points wins.

The curling season in Inverness runs each year from the month of September through until March.

Inverness is home to 5 Curling Provinces covering the North of Scotland who meet weekly to play in a variety of competitions and bonspiels.

Throughout the Season you can learn to the sport through our 'Try Curling' sessions, so if you are new and want to try some different we look forward to meeting you.

The Ice Centre plays host to a number of well known and prestigious competitions throughout the season such as 'The Wheelchair Triples',  'Highland Junior Curling International and 'Highland Week' to name but a few.

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