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    Its fast and furious and available here in Inverness! There are junior and senior league teams and so no matter what your age if you are looking for a new challenge, why not give it a go!
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    At Inverness Ice Centre public skating sessions are available all year round. We have over 300 pairs of skates available in a wide range of sizes to suit the smallest of feet to the largest! Please check out our 'Skating Timetable' for the latest information.
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    Thought to have been invented in the 16th century the sport has come a long way. Firmly established as a winter Olympic sport its popularity has flourished with all ages taking a keen interest in this tactical team sport.
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Latest IIC news

As you know Inverness Ice Centre Directors invited Highlife Highland to look at ways we can improve the Management to the Inverness Ice Centre and ensure we meet with all current legislation and remain fully compliant in all aspects of our business. This is ongoing and we met again with Highlife Highland where we raised a number of concerns following the interaction with Inverness Ice Centre members and users and have asked Highlife Highland if they are able to accommodate those particular concerns. It was agreed we need clarity on what the “red lines” are from either perspective to see if there is a workable model or not. 

Highlife Highland have since responded and Inverness Ice Centre Directors (including our new recruits) have discussed those responses at length. We propose to table these options at the AGM for our members to offer their views and opinions and make available the proposal from Highlife Highland either by e-mail or download it from our web site. 

It was also emphasised that we cannot progress without further consultation with our members and users and as such propose to create sub committees to investigate the most beneficial way forward for the company. It would be ideal if we could reach an agreement or at least come to a conclusion before the end of April and I therefore make one last appeal for helpers to form the sub committees. If you or someone you know have any of the skills below please ask them to get in touch asap. 

Anyone interested could either join a sub committee or become a Director or indeed both.

Further to the meeting held in January directors have managed to recruit 5 volunteers to assist with the proposed changes to the way the Inverness Ice Centre operates. We are still calling for more helpers mainly those who have experience in the following areas.

  • Finance and especially VAT expertise
  • Contracts and Service Level Agreements
  • Human Resources
  • Engineer/Building surveying

AGM date is 18th April 2018 at 7.30pm and will be held in the Curlers Bar at the Inverness Ice Centre 

 Please find attached two “draft” documents from Highlife Highland which we hope you will find useful and give you a further understanding of of how they envisaged assisting with the management of the Inverness Ice Centre.

Management Agreement

Management Agreement Outline 

T Pendreigh

Inverness Ice Centre 
Bught Drive 

IV3 5SR 
Mobile 07720 440040


Groups and clubs using the Inverness Ice Centre turned out in their numbers last night to attend a question and answer session with the facility’s Board of Directors about the future of only ice centre in the Scottish Highlands.
The meeting was the beginningof a consultation process with members following an approach to High Life Highland by Ice Centre Directors asking the Council’s Arm-length charity to consider ways in which it could be involved in the management and development of the Bught Park facility.
Ice Centre Chairman Tom Pendreigh commented, “The Board members were extremely pleased and reassured to see so many club representatives turn up to the meeting last night, particularly considering the weather conditions. The numbers involved obviously demonstrates the importance of the consultation process and ongoing communications to the membership from hereon.
“We approached HLH to ascertain if the charity would be interested in working in partnership with the Ice Centre Board to look at ways of securing the future of the Inverness Ice Centre. We were obviously pleased to get an positive response from HLH’s Board and have been working with members of HLH staff over the last year to look at ways in which a management contract model may work.
Mr Pendreigh went on to explain, “Having consulted with the staff at the Ice Centre, the board felt we were at a stage whereby we were able to share some of that information with the club members and users, while at the same time taking a view as to how they felt about a new way of working to further develop the ice centre not only in Inverness but across the wider Highlands.
“There were some excellent questions asked of both the board and the representatives of High Life Highland in attendance and we ended the meeting taking away a number of very valid and positive points which the Ice Centre board will bear in mind as we move further through the consultation process.At the meeting we outlined that work will continue with HLH over the forthcoming months and have invited any members present at the meeting who may wish to be involved with the next stages to come forward.
“As I outlined at last night’s meeting, we are at the start of a consultative process and we have no intention of rushing through a conclusion – ultimately the process will take as long as it takes.
The Chairman concluded, “I thought the meeting went very well and I am aware Ice Centre board members received further positive feedback from members after the Q&A sessions. I look forward to liaising with the clubs, members, staff and representatives from HLH as we work through the consultation processes looking to protect the only remaining Ice Centre in the Highlands for future generations.”

Maureen Fraser 2

Inverness Ice Centre secured life saving equipment

One of the largest wet weather facilities in the North has secured its own defibrillator, which members say may just save someone’s life.

The Inverness Ice Centre on Bught Drive raised more than £1,600 to ensure the well used sports and events facility has the life saving equipment available to all users of the centre.

The idea to install a defibrillator was initiated by Maureen Fraser, a member of the Inverness Curling Club for more than 40-years.

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Try Curling

Our Try Curling sessions are held during the curling season which runs from September to March.


 ...for more details see our Curling Section.

Ice Skating

Public Ice Skating

Please see our Ice Skating Timetable for full details of Public Sessions...


Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Hustle, hit and never quit!  Some say 'it's the coolest sport in the whole world!'  Are you looking for something new... something thats fast and furious? 

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